A breakthough

I did a 10 minute run on a treadmill and my SI joint pain has dropped significantly!!

I feel really good. There’s still discomfort but considerably less.

I did the run yesterday and repeated it again today.

I have experienced delayed pain from running and cycling previously so I am cautious about getting too excited. However this is the second day with similar results 🙂

I have previously tried running and experimented with surfaces (grass, trail, pavement), intensities, and durations. However it always resulted in worse pain the following day. I haven’t tried the treadmill until now as I prefer running outside.

I like running and had written it off as something I wouldn’t be able to do again. All previous attempts resulted in a pain increase. I figured the impact of landing each stride was too much shock for the SI joint to handle in its weakened condition.

Not sure why the treadmill works, perhaps it is the rolling belt requiring less push-off or just my body has strengthened since past attempts. I will continue with the same duration and intensity for a few weeks before making any changes.

Fingers crossed it continues to help


Before the quest

I have always been into health and fitness. As a kid I played a lot outdoors and cycled everywhere. I got into triathlon through a commitment made with a friend after several drinks. At the time I wasn’t doing much in the way of exercise and had never run or swam for fitness

The momement things changed

I did a turbo session on the 19th December 2017


I thought the injury was minor

Giving things up

I fought hard to maintain my

I knew every week I didn’t train would take another two to three weeks to regain fitness

Swimming stopped

I started cycling and running once per week

Feeling down

Loss of everything I did


I realised